Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gilma Equilibirium

Hello Fellow Gilmas,

We did not get much time but still we somehow managed to catch hold of the ever-busy POG(Peak of Gilma) Ramkumar K S in an exclusive interview to Gilma-Lectures inc. As Ramkumar K S was busily leaving to the Annual Bangalore-Gilma-Meet (BGM), we could ask him only one question on his current breakthrough research in gilmalogy. And RKS explains his current research findings in an elegant way that will for sure bring a drop of tear filled with joy to every gilma who reads it.

Here it is!


Can you explain the new GETHU theorem that you have developed (GETHU - Gilma's Equilibrium Theorem for HUman beings )


"Gilma, as a society maintains an equilibrium of its own. When this equilibrium is affected, the forces within that society will act to bring the state back to equilibrium"

This law can be better understood by observing a glass of water. Water level at the surface always remains equal. When this state is disturbed by shaking the glass, some molecules gain kinetic energy which causes them to rise above the surface. But the cohesive force from other molecules (along with gravity), pulls these molecules down to main the level of water at the surface.

Similarly, if a gilma G disturbs the equilibrim of his society by putting kadalai (1) to girl either through internet,phone or in person, the other gilmas in his group exert force by constantly saying things like "dei.kadala elaam podara..kalakara po" (2) and also sometimes by sending friend requests to the new girl. Since it is already proved that sound travels faster through gilmas than through normal people, other gilmas also hear the news and exert force on G. Eventually, this force gains momentum with time and becomes greater than that force using which G had put kadalai(1) in the first place. In the end G gives up and thus, the state of equilibrium in the society is maintained.

(1) Kadalai - A form of disease that non-gilmas acquire whereby non-gilma guys/girls are found constantly chatting useless things with other non-gilma girls/guys

(2) 'Dei Kadala elaam podata..kalakara po' - A statement that supposedly praises (and at the same time irritates) a person for following the process of kadalai , the definition of which is found in (1)